Our Testimonials

My girl fall in love with the English language !!

My daughter has been doing the word Muncher classes for many years. I have seen a significant improvement in her language and writing
skills. The way she expresses herself has also become so much more articulate and the best part is that she loves the classes and looks forward to them all week !!
Thank u word munchers for making my girl fall in love with the English language !!

Shilpa Poddar (Mother of – Anoushka Poddar)

Helped a lot in my language development

Word Munchers, has helped a lot in my language development and improvise my writing skills. I am a part of it since 5 years and honestly speaking,
I enjoy every session with all the teachers. There is always fun and learning beyond academics at the same time in an interactive manner.

Diya Shah

Word munchers is equivalent to my second home

Where do I even begin…word munchers is equivalent to my second home. It is a treasury of myriad students who share one thing
in common a passion for creative writing. I have literally and figuratively grown up here from visiting Richa ma’am’s house when I was 6 to the small and cozy classrooms
when I was 13. This is the only class I actually look forward to because of the amazing teachers and the things I learn. Richa ma’am often says that she will adopt
me and I have no problem in saying that she is my second mother. I look forward to writing so much more, taking part in a plethora of competitions, and laughing till
I cry with Papia ma’am, Nilova ma’am, Anusha ma’am, and Varuni ma’am.

Ahaana Kandoi

They developed a new love for writing

My children were never a fan of writing. But joining Word Muncheds completely changed that. They developed a new love for writing, and have
improved a lot. All thanks to the encouragement given by the team word munchers
I am happy to have made them join this class, and the results are very pleasing

Minu Agarwal

I now love writing essays and poems

I was never good at creative writing.I used to whine at the idea of having to write essays. But joining word munchers completely changed
that. I now love writing essays and poems, and as it turns out, thanks to all the teachers at word munchers’ encouragement, i look forward to writing.
I would never have come where i am if it wasnt for word munchers, and i am very thankful to all my teachers for helping me so much

Riva Agarwal

I am amazed to see the way the teachers…

Siddhant is a student at Word Muncher for some time now. I am amazed to see the way the teachers make online classes so interesting and fruitful.
I also want to thank them for giving him some wonderful opportunities to make his writing published.
I am happy to see him thrilled. All the best to “Word Muncher” team !!

Isha Vodela

I exercised and improved my writing skill.

Hello friends,
I am Spondon Ganguli, an educator in a reputed English medium school where I teach Computer Science.
Apart from this, I love reading and writing. Here comes my association with Word Munchers. I joined creative writing classes at Word Muncher last year, December (2019),
and within this short span, I exercised and improved my writing skill. Under Mrs. Papia Ghosh ma’am’s guidance, I learned to write poems, stories, and screenplay. Apart from this,
Word Munchers also allowed me to showcase my work in various online magazines and onscreen portals, to name a few – The Thinking Pen, Open Mic, etc.
Thanks to Madam Ms. Papia Ghosh, who guided me and added a shine to my creative writing work. And also, thanks to Ms. Richa Wahi for her cooperation and appreciation of my work.
I hope my association with Word Munchers will be longer and more helpful in the coming days.

Spondon Ganguli