Shaadi Ke Rang

Pratichi Satpathy
Class V

Yellow is the colour of laddoos towering on a golden plate,
The sacred pyre that lights up the dark sky,

To welcome guests, marigold garlands adorn the gate,
Waiting for the groom in a gorgeous golden saree the bride looks shy.

White is the colour of the satin that dresses the chairs in the dining hall,
Neatly arranged silk napkins and silver plates can’t wait,
Elderly guests clad in white, eager to hear the host’s call.
As they are hungry and it is already late.

Red is the colour of bangles that jingle with rhythm and rhyme,
Also, the rich silk sarees are worth a stare.
The bindis of aunties that make their faces shine.
Oh! Look at the bride! Her red cheeks are so fair!

Brown is the colour of crispy fish fingers,
Aromatic mutton curry generously served is perfect,
Unforgettable rush at the brownie counter still lingers,
Not to forget, piping hot gulab jamuns is everybody’s favourite.

Blue is the colour of my gown,
And so is the mood of the bride’s mother.
As the bride and groom left town
With each other.

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