Word Munchers provides English Language Training to corporate houses and higher education institutes in order to raise the standard of the language used by the staff and students of the organisation. These sessions are bespoke and are designed keeping the requirements of individual organisations in mind. We understand that a generic plan is insufficient and unless individual concerns are answered there cannot be any measurable improvement in the language skills of the participants.


Word Munchers began in 2012 with the sole idea of making writing fun for kids and adults. Our classes focus on eclectic writing activities, from conventional essays to poetry to moreabstract pieces, in order to get students to think creatively and come up with creative pieces that stimulate their imagination and challenge conventional thought.

Classes for students are held on a weekly basis in New Alipore, Bhowanipore and Salt Lake where students learn in small, age appropriate batches. The focus of these classes are on developing writing skills in cheerful, informal environments that are conducive to learning.

Classes for adults are held on weekly basis where the learning goal is defined by the students and modules are designed as per the writing targets set by the group.

Word Munchers is in the process of starting e-courses on creative writing and on teaching language development to young learners.

Word Munchers provides weekly creative writing classes to children in the age group of six and above. Our aim is to introduce children to the joys of writing while encouraging them to think creatively outside the confines of the school curriculum. Our children dabble in stories,poems, essays and abstract pieces and also intermittently play vocabulary-enhancing games.

Word Munchers Junior classes, conducted by Montessori trained teachers, offer twice a week classes that focus on language development where children read through graded exercises and activities, learn phonic sounds, recognize and associate letters with phonic sounds and graduate to pre-reading, reading, building and blending words, consonants and vowels digraphs. This enables our teachers to introduce them to early grammar, composition and creative writing.


Word Munchers offers young adults and adults small group and individual classes to prepare participants for the English proficiency examination, IELTS. Through rigorous practice and detailed worksheets, the Word Munchers team of ex-IELTS examiners and Trainers work together with examinees to assist them achieve their desirable IELTS score in the examination. We also provide training in English Language and Communication Skills as per the requirement of the organization. That apart, we organise bespoke writing workshops to address the needs of the organisation.

Business communication

The team at Word Munchers provides business houses with communication support in the form of conceptualising, editing and proof reading official documents such as business correspondence, website content, annual reports and brochures.

Essays for Application

College application essays are a crucial part of the student’s admission process, which is why it is imperative to ensure that it is of the highest academic standard. Word Munchers assists students, through discussions, to freeze the essence of the content, aids in structuring the essays, and then provides constructive criticisim and editorial support to help the student complete the final draft of the essay.

Word Muncher Junior

Word Munchers Junior, an initiative of Word Munchers by Richa Wahi, announces curriculum development under the supervision of Mrs Neetika Swarup & classes under the guidance of Montessori teachers & educationists with passion to change lives.