The brainchild of Richa Wahi, a creative writing and language enrichment trainer, Word Munchers provides an array of eclectic creative writing services.

The aim of Word Munchers in the classroom is to spread the joy of writing among its students that range from six years to above seventy years. Through regular classes and workshops with children we aim to conduct activities that enhance creativity and enable students to be more expressive through their writing. Our junior section, Word Munchers Junior, aims to develop pre-reading and pre-writing skills in children in the age groups of two and a half to five in order to strengthen their language base.

Our creative writing workshops with adults are often six to eight weeklong where different modules explore diverse aspects of writing. In these informal sessions our adult students often discover latent talent or simply enjoy the opportunity to creatively express their thoughts.

Our expert teachers mentor students appearing for IELTS & TOEFL in small groups to enable them to score the required grade in the English proficiency exam. We also provide editing services to students who require assistance with college application essays. Our teachers guide the students through discussions and help them zero in on the idea that becomes the crux of the application essay.

With an ever-growing demand to assist aspiring writers, whether in creative or academic pursuits, we accept ghostwriting projects where we collaborate with the client, in a confidential agreement, to express their ideas in words.

With a strong language base, our team also provides corporates assistance on content intensive projects that require conceptualization, writing, editing and proof reading for documents such as business correspondence, website content, annual reports and brochures, among others. We also provide bespoke English Language Training and Communication Skills training and Creative Writing workshops at corporate venues to address the requirements of the organisations.