Orange in all its glory


Orange and its many hues fascinate me
It’s made simply by mixing red and yellow
Right from the morning sun I see

To the setting sun when its mellow.

Orange and many a shade
From laddoos to candies
Are what I always ask to be made
How I simply can’t give up these fancies.

Orange the colour of my pencil, lucky
That helps me to write difficult essays and tests
The pencil which is my best buddy
And at the end the results are always the best.

Orange, a colour for all seasons
Ice lollies to beat the heat with a lick.
The rains lend wearing my gumboots a reason
Autumn leaves, a treat for every nature lovers click.

Orange is a colour I love
It reminds me of fond memories
Gives me a feeling of peace just as a dove
Of which I can narrate many stories.

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