Dear Benji,

Siddhant Vodela
9a, Victoria View
Bhowanipore Kolkata-7000975

College has been agonizingly slow and the pressure is indomitable. I really wish you would be here with me and bring the joyous element from Kolkata

with you. It is the city of joy, after all. I still cherish all those beautiful and passionate moments we shared. Do you remember when we just adopted you and brought you home, you went around sniffing the whole house up until you stopped and excreted right on my bed. You have been such a darling black hole to suck in all that loneliness and depression from my life.

If I could trade you for all the wealth and mundane things of life, I would be furious with the person for even thinking of coming up with that offer. I still remember that time when you actually fetched the ball for me instead of keeping it for yourself. Or, when you started biting me because I got into a verbal fight with mom. When you did that, I kept pondering whether you loved me more or mom.  Later, I realized that you loved both of us equally, but mom and dad are the alphas of the pack and they must be respected. So, you even helped discipline the unruly teen I once was.

You and I were similar in many ways, we both were gluttons and loved eating chicken even though I started mourning the living thing it once was and felt guilty, I never knew what went through your mind about chicken. I felt that you were the reason that I could make real human friends and also you ignited that curiosity I had about animal behavior, and now I am in Denmark, in the Wageningen university of zoology. Benji, I want you to know that my love for you is eternal and unconditional. You may not be able to read this letter because you are a dog, but I want you to know that we may not share the same blood but we do share the same chicken, and chicken is tastier than blood.

Yours lovingly,
Sid aka the omega

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