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Online Classes Schedule

Batch Day Time
Class 2 Monday 3 PM
Class 5 & 6 Monday 4 PM
Class 9 upwards Monday 5 PM
Class 3 Tuesday 3 PM
Class 4 Tuesday 4 PM
Class 1 Tuesday 5 PM
Class 7 & 8 Tuesday 3 PM
Class 4 Wednesday 3 PM
Class 7 & 8 Wednesday 4 PM
Class 5 & 6 Wednesday 5 PM
Class 9 upwards Thursday 3 PM
Class 1 Thursday 4 PM
Class 3 Thursday 4 PM
Class 2 Thursday 5 PM

Information for parents:

  • This schedule is for the academic term April 2021 – March 2022. If the schedule changes parents will be informed by February end/ beginning of March 2021.
  • Students must opt for ONE of the classes. Each batch gets to pick from 2 options. If you don’t attend one class, you are welcome to attend the other slot. But you may attend only ONCE A WEEK as it will be the same activity.
  • Weekly writing activities will be given, lesson plans will be shared and an audio-recorded explanation of the activity will be added. Please submit work as instructed in the lesson plan. THIS IS ONLY FOR THE STUDENTS OF WORD MUNHCERS
  • Fee payment has to be via bank transfer or cash by 10th of the month, failing which the child will be removed from the group.
  • No refunds will be provided if the child chooses to discontinue the classes in the middle of the month. Children who join in the middle of the month are required only to pay for the pending classes and the enrolment fee.
  • Parents who wish to pay by cash may send the fee is a sealed envelope mentioning child’s name, class, month and amount to my residence: 7D Sonali Apts. 8/2A, Alipore Park Road. Kolkata 700027.