Shreya Dutta
Class 5
Modern High School, Kolkata.

Red is a colour, fiery and hot
In the setting sun of the Western Sky;
The signal to stop the traffic lot
To let the pedestrians pass by.

Red and yellow make an orange shade.
Yellow is found in the mid day sun,
When the hot rays make all colours fade;
Yellow is lively and a colour of fun.

Quite a dark shade of blue is Indigo-
Look at the deep ocean and the night sky;
And the petals of Iris and Periwinkle show,
The colour of the sky where birds fly high.

While blue mixed with yellow makes nature’s green-
You get Violet, with blue and red.
The Rolling Green Hills- Oh so serene!
And the fine grass looks like a carpet laid.

The seven colours together make pure white.
Have you seen them as a Rainbow in the sky,
When the rain is falling and the sun is shining bright?
As it bring Smiles to people far and nigh.
Very beautiful, very visual

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