When writing is fun it is easy to weave stories, poems and essays. Here are some deserving creative pieces by young Word Munchers for you to munch!

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The Best Day Of my Life

Samaira Bhandari
La Martiniere for Girls, Class 2
On 24th December, I decorated my Christmas tree with lots of bells, stars and snowflakes. In the evening we planned to go to Park Street to see the lights and Christmas decorations.

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The First day of Class 4

Soham Seksaria
La Martiniere for Boys, Class 4
I woke up at 6:45am and went to have a bath. On the first day of class four. I wore crisp and white uniform and went to school.
When I entered the classroom I saw a lot of my friends.

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Visit to a Chocolate Land

Vedansh Kanoria
La Martiniere for Boys, Class 2
One day my father took me to Chocolate Land. I was delighted when I saw the Chocolate Land. Over there I saw houses of wafer and flowers of lollipops. First I did activities.

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When I met Ram

Shrehan Agarwal
La Martiniere for Boys, Class 3
Once I was searching in an old ship. Over there I found an old time machine. The time machine was looking like a giant metal ball. It had many buttons. I sat in it and started the machine.

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Lost in Time

Changing the history
Arushi Das
Bridge International School, Class 9
It was Sunday and there was nothing to do, so I sat on the window sill,reading a book. While I was reading I looked down at the letterbox and saw a package.

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The Last Sunset

Swaraj Agarwal
La Martiniere for Boys, Class 10
All the trees were turning yellow and they were falling on the ground. James’s life was similar as he was getting depressed day by day and was gradually getting stuck at the mouth of death.

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