Sanvi Atul Sharma
Class V

Light blue is the colour of the sky during the tranquil day,
It is the colour of the place where birds fly away,

It’s colour reminds me of the sea where fishes swim away,
Off to the home where their friends and family stay.

Teal blue is the colour of the Bluebell flowers,
It gives me mirth when I think about the sea at twilight,
The colour teal makes me remember the rain when it showers,
The rain which gives everyone a feeling of delight.

Midnight blue gives me the pleasure to imagine the Blue Jay bird,
And the Barn Swallow,
Both of which can be rarely heard,
These are the birds which also make their nests in a willow.

Navy blue reminds me of the midnight sky,
I am in my high spirits when I see midnight rain clouds in winter,
When the Moonflower blooms to say hi!
And the glistening midnight blue moon hides behind the river.

Turquoise blue gives me the blissful reminder of Peacock’s feather,
Rainy clouds and puddles,
Where the Peacocks dance in this weather,
And makes me remember turquoise Owls which I very much want to cuddle.

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