A Fantasy Story

His frozen fingers were desperately clinging on to the parapet. His feet rested on a small window, trying to climb the Reigns Palace. It was a huge palace protected by a gigantic brick wall. The wall was surrounded by a circular moat swarmed by hungry crocodiles.

At each small window, of the palace was a soldier ready with poisoned darts. He was clinging on to the parapet with a tight rope with an anchor at the other end. The King of Nemesis held on tightly as the crocodiles tried to grab his foot. They leapt up in an attempt to swallow him. Deftly the King took out his rope and threw it towards his trusted general, who held on to it and fitted the anchor at the end of the juncture.

On the terrace of the fort, was General Hughes, commanding his troops to shoot arrows at the intruder. About an hour ago, the King of Nemesis climbed without halting to reach the secret chamber for which he had invaded Troy.

Both the men were thrilled. They entered the room and found, the “Illumination Bowl” glowing in the moonlight . The King’s face lit up as he took out the “Incarnation Sword” to detect any trap in the whereabouts. The king put the “Illumination Bowl” into a pouch tied around his waist and they were ready for flight. Both ran at full speed towards the back of the palace where there was a secret door. They jumped across the moat where the King’s horse was waiting at a distance.

The King clutched the reins of his horse and alighted him in a moment and started running faster to help his master escape.

General Hughes heard the horse hooves ringing clear in the distance and he tore his hair in anger. He knew that the two men were carrying the “Illumination Bowl” away.

General Hughes, screamed at the top of his voice, commanding the soldiers to shoot arrows at the horses so that King Nemesis could not leave the kingdom with the “Illumination Bowl”. Shafts of poisonous arrows were thrown towards the horse. The general alerted the King that they were being attacked. The general bent down to save himself from the poisonous arrows. Both were lying on the horse’s back and protecting the “Illumination Bowl” as the horses galloped away like lightening.

Soon, they disappeared behind the cold, icy, frozen mountains and went back to their kingdom of Nemesis behind the pine forest and the magical river.

The King reached his kingdom with his general and they began to hatch a conspiracy to destroy Troy. As they were thinking of a treacherous plan, the King remembered the times when Nemesis and Troy, were happy and prosperous neighbouring kingdoms, always helped each other during times of crisis.

One unexpected attack changed the relationship between the two kingdoms. King Valor’s predecessor, King Chester, was a harsh, cruel king. During his reign, there was some differences which destroyed the peace and harmony tore apart both the kingdoms. This led to violence, hatred and both the kingdoms became bitter enemies.

King Chester discovered the “Illumination Bowl” in the declined kingdom of Sapes. After passing through snow-clad mountains, scorching desert, dangerous forests full of predators ready to attack, King Chester reached the declined kingdom of Sapes.

Sapes was a deserted, lonely kingdom fallen from its former glory. The huge defenceless empire was cruelly defeated by a group of invaders. King Chester had his hands on the “Illumination Bowl” and spoke the sacred enchantments to summon his army of witches and soldiers.

The “Illumination Bowl” was a special bowl which gave a person infinite powers and provided him with an army of witches and soldiers to kill or destroy.

Chester, knew it was the right time to put an end to Nemesis. Secretly, when the kingdom of Nemesis was at work and all was at peace, the army attacked the kingdom, slaughtered animals, killed innocent civilians. Neither the soldiers nor their weapons were a match for the magic of the witches and the power of the soldiers. They outnumbered every single soldier at ease. Chester needed to spell the words from the “Holy Book” beside the King’s Throne and place the “Illumination Bowl” on the “Beloved Throne”. No man or mortal could prevent it. King Chester stabbed the sword into the heart of the previous King of Nemesis. The palace was completely destroyed and the sons and daughters of the families were killed. The fortunate few who were alive, still remember the horrific sights. King Chester went back home happily, celebrating his famous victory.

The present ruler of Nemesis was a small boy when this horrific attack took place. He felt very sad and despondent as untold atrocities unfolded before his eyes. The general cropped up a plan to take revenge on Troy. The plan was to hide along the pine forests that acted as a border between Nemesis and Troy and attack the palace all of a sudden.

King Valor, at that moment, had alerted his people to evacuate the kingdom, so that the people are safe.

As the people hurried to run, they heard a blast . The Reigns Palace had been attacked by the Invincible Army. King Valor could see before his eyes, the invasion of Nemesis with their armies. Men and women were killed, houses burnt, soldiers wrecked like cards and the Reigns Palace was reduced to ashes. King of Nemesis entered the palace where he saw King Valor, begged to spare his life. The King of Nemesis took out his “Incarnation Sword” and stabbed King Valor in the heart muttering,” This is revenge for killing my family, parents, and all those affected by that battle which included innocent people and the animals”. The King of Nemesis read out the enchantments and sliced the “Beloved Throne” into half with his “Incarnation Sword”. This rang the death knell and the decline of Troy.

As, the King of Nemesis, realised his magical power he acquired through the “Illumination Bowl”, he became desperate and greedy. He conquered Troy and brought it under his rule. The King did not stop there, instead he moved on to other kingdoms, where he reigned supreme by mercilessly killing civilians, capturing the wealth, poisoning the river and stabbing the King in the heart with the help of his “Illumination Bowl” and the power he achieved. His greedy nature took over him and he went on to conquer the world, trying to become “The Greatest Of All”.

At another battle, when he and his army were fighting against another thousand soldiers, the blood of the innocent people fell on the “Illumination Bowl” and the bowl dissolved.

This caused the Invincible Army to disappear from the battlefield and the greedy King lost his powers from the “Incarnation Sword”. With the “Illumination Bowl” broken, the King was also shocked to find that he was alone against an army at the battlefield. Unable to accept his failure, the King surrendered to God by stabbing himself into the heart with “Incarnation Sword” leading to “The King’s Demise”.

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