Class 7

While rummaging through the drawer of my grandmother, I
found her personal diary. Since it was raining, I could’nt go out and I
was remembering my grandmother who had passed away a few months
ago. I remembered how I used to sit with her on rainy days. While
looking through her drawer I found her journal which revealed her
feelings. I started going though it and…
              I noticed that the first date was 28th of July 1953. When she
was only 9 years old, she got separated from her mother who was a
widow. Her life with her oldest brother and his wife was described in her
journal. it was written that she had started learning how to cook at the
age of 15 and faced many difficult situations. Her language and simple
words made me feel emotional and I began introspecting my own life. 
at the age of 25 she was married and only after marriage did she
complete her doctory study. I had only known that my grandmother had
only 2 children, my father and my uncle. Later did I find a diary entry
with dried tears saying that she had 3 children. It was eye-opening to
find out that my grandmother's eldest child , her only daughter was
killed at birth because of gender discrimination.
              I was in awe to know that my grandmother had been through so
much but had still kept it within her. Sitting in the room, with a storm
raging storm outside, I felt as if the nature was turning gloomy like my
mood. I heard my mother’s footsteps outside and quickly hid the diary. It
was now my secret, not to be revealed.

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